About me

LATEST: Preetam and I are on a mission to build the best customer support software for ecommerce. We call it DelightChat

Hello there 👋 I am Sankalp.

I started my career as a software developer for a startup where I was the first employee and since then I fell in love with building products.

I built SuperLemon, a WhatsApp communication tool for Shopify stores, together with my friend Preetam Nath.

Fun fact: SuperLemon recently crossed $30k MRR :)

In my spare time I like to build open source projects that solve small but recurring problems we face during software development such as this one

I recently started a series called Learn Django where I post specific guides about some concepts that helped me in my journey of building Django applications for the past 6 years.

I also run a newsletter called Wholesome Django 🥰 💻. Do subscribe to be notified of new posts

A bit about my history

I worked as a back-end software developer at GreedyGame where I learnt how to scale an application to serve ads to millions of users a day. It was during my time with GreedyGame when I had the opportunity to speak at redisconf 2019 where I talked about how we achieved this level of scale.

What I do now

After a dream run with SuperLemon which grew beyond our wildest imagination, I am now working on a new venture which will focus on customer support software for e-commerce merchants built around simplicity and real time collaboration.