Wholesome Django 🥰💻 #0005

March 7, 2021

Happy sunday!

The past week has been the best week at DelightChat so far. We finally have real customers using our product and we get to derive dopamine hits from watching them use something that we have been passionately building for the past 6 months.

To get a peek into the usage of our product, we set up a slack channel that alerts us every time a customer replies to a support query via DelightChat.

Everytime I look at this slack channel, it puts a smile on my face and gives me the fuel I need to get through the day.

But it was not easy to get here and it certainly won't be easy to get to the next stage in our journey. However I would like to think that we discovered a few processes that helped us get this far.

I have written in detail about how a startup is just managing chaos efficiently where I talk about how it is important to have a strong customer feedback loop and maintain your sanity.

Above all I feel the only sustainable way of running a startup is to enjoy every second of it.

Enjoy developing new features.

Enjoy fixing bugs.

Enjoy interacting with your teammates and deciding their tasks.

Enjoy talking to your customers.

Enjoy listening to their complaints and fixing them.

Enjoy doing all of the above at the same time.

Enjoy the chaos.

What I wrote this week

Apart from writing about managing chaos, I have curated a list of books that would be helpful for a programmer getting into Django development.

These books can help people of all skill levels including beginners, intermediaries and experts. 

Here is a list of 5 best Django books to read for all skill levels in 2021.

There was another reason for writing this piece. It is an SEO experiment and I will find out soon if my website starts ranking for the keyword “best Django books”

That’s all for the week folks

Due to the hectic nature of the past week, I did not get time to browse some interesting links found in the depths of the internet and for that I apologize. I promise to make up for it next week.

Happy coding ✌️