Wholesome Django 🥰💻 #0015

June 13, 2021

It has been a hectic week at DelightChat, but we are finally ready to launch our Shopify app out to the public in a couple days which is really exciting!

The thing I am most proud of is building an automation rule engine that would help our customers automate repetitive operations using a clean and intuitive interface.

A large percentage of customer support queries are usually customers wanting to know where their order is and therefore there is no reason for a human to reply to queries like this when we have the API available to fetch the tracking URL of their last order.

Select the channels and apply your conditions

Set the actions that you want to perform

To build this rule engine I used this library created by Venmo. It is a great piece of software that did exactly what we wanted. Of Course we had to make a few tweaks to it in order to perfectly fit our use case but thankfully it has an MIT license and hence you can do so with ease.

I would highly recommend this library for anybody looking to build a rule engine of any kind. In a future blog post of mine I will be describing exactly how the library works and how you can modify it for your use case.

What I wrote this week

I wrote about a nifty Django tip that helped me keep my database operations more efficient while calling the save() method. 

Here is the tweet version of it if you prefer the TL;DR

Interesting finds from the depths of the internet

How hackers used slack to break into EA games

How to use fastText for instant language translations

See you next Sunday ✌️