Wholesome Django 🥰💻 #0008

April 4, 2021

Happy sunday!

It has been a great week since Preetam and I launched DailyHabits. We got featured on product hunt and also got a shout out in their newsletter. 

Here are some highlights since the launch:

  • Featured on Product Hunt with 150+ upvotes
  • 283 signups
  • 712 habits created
  • 101 notes created
  • 1745 days where people marked their habits as completed.
  • 5 support tickets.

Looking at this dashboard gives me great pleasure because we created this product purely out of our own passion. 

We use the product every day to track our habits, but the fact that other people use it means that this idea has legs. 

The best part about this journey is when multiple people tell you that they need something that is currently missing in the product. This happened thrice in the past week

When you have users and those users repeatedly ask for the same thing, there is only one way to proceed - go ahead and build it.

So this is exactly what we did. We launched a new update this week with the ability to re-order the habits with a minimal approach:

Adding this feature to the app required very minimal effort, but we know for a fact that it is going to delight our users. 

What I wrote this week

To build this feature of reordering the habits, the method I used was to send a snapshot of the current order of habits to the backend once a re-order is complete.

Which means that everytime there is a re-order, frontend makes an API call with a request payload containing all the habit IDs and their corresponding rank where rank indicates the order in which they should show up.

This required me to bulk update data for all of the habits in the database, so I ended up writing an article on how to efficiently run a bulk update in Django.

See you next Sunday ✌️