Wholesome Django 🥰💻 #0016

June 27, 2021

This week has been the most exciting one till date in the journey of building DelightChat. We got our first paying customer who is on our highest plan of $249/mo. Couple of days later we got our second paying customer who is also on the $249/mo plan!

This is a huge deal for us for multiple reasons. It validates all our hard work and proves to us that the product we are building is so worthwhile that somebody is willing to pay us $249 every month.

This had a huge impact on my morale. Until now I was quite insecure about the product because it is quite buggy and lacking a lot of features. 

There were times where I went into a negative spiral in my mind starting with thoughts like I am not good at my job and I have not been a good technical co-founder for letting the product have so many architectural problems.

All of these things went out of the window when the realisation hit that despite all of this, the product we built is apparently still worth $249/mo for somebody and these folks are relying on it to run their business. It is an incredible feeling!

Work has become fun again. Everything we do now has a purpose because we have actual MRR. We are now on the verge of transitioning from a startup to an actual business. Life has become interesting once again to say the least.

What I wrote this week

To all the Django peeps, here is a shortcut that you can use to write lesser code while retrieving objects from your database

Here is the tweet version of the same if you prefer the TL;DR

See you next Sunday ✌️