Wholesome Django 🥰💻 #0011

April 25, 2021

Happy Sunday!

The times that we are living in right now are physically and mentally taxing. The Covid-19 situation here in India where I live is really grim.

90% of my twitter feed is about people looking for hospital beds, oxygen Cylinders and covid medicines. To top it all, 4 of my close family members have been infected.

So how does one remain sane? How do you keep going every day not knowing whether you or your loved ones will be alive tomorrow? 

I suppose everybody has their way of handling this. My way is getting a puppy. 

On Monday of this week, my wife and I found an adorable abandoned street pupper and we decided to adopt him. We named him Jarvis.

Looking at this face everyday reduces my anxiety at least for those few moments.

The entire week went by in visits to the vet, feeding him, cleaning him, potty training him, getting him vaccinated, comforting him while he cried at night and helping him get used to this new environment. 

As a result, it has not been a very productive week professionally but it’s okay because for the time being my mental health and Jarvis’s physical health was a priority.

Obviously I am not saying the solution to our problems is to adopt a puppy but I do want to say that it is okay to be off our game right now. It is okay to be less productive and just getting by is sufficient.

Find something or someone that you can anchor yourself to and let us get through these difficult times together.

What I wrote this week

I wanted to share some thoughts about the usefulness of a Platform as a Service like Heroku but I did not have a whole lot to write about.

So I took a different approach this time and instead of writing a blog post, I wrote a tweet thread.

After writing this thread, I decided something did not feel right and my weekend is not complete without writing a blog post, so I converted the tweet thread into a blog post.

Interesting finds from the depths of the internet

In the spirit of being unproductive and how it is okay to be this way when times are tough, here is a piece I wrote a while back about how it is important to do nothing sometimes.

How this guy made $10k in a month selling a vim course. Reading this further will show you that this was not an overnight success and a lot of upfront work was put in.

This great tweet thread about how to tell if you are working on the wrong thing.

This interesting approach to building a business by dedicating a year to find a niche and write content about it

See you next Sunday ✌️