Wholesome Django 🥰💻 #0007

March 28, 2021

Happy Sunday!

This weekend, Preetam and I publicly launched a new product that we have been secretly working on during the weekends. It is called DailyHabits.

The idea was to make the simplest possible habit tracker that you can use on a web or mobile browser to keep track of habits such as exercising, waking up early, quitting a vice, etc.

Why did we build DailyHabits?

I guess the simple answer is so that we can use it ourselves. Ever since it went live, Preetam and I have been using it quite religiously and here is proof of that (we went live internally on 16th of March)

The best part about this is that if nothing else I end up doing my habits for the day just to feel the satisfaction of marking them as complete on this app.

I mean just look at how visually appealing it is!

Tech stack used for DailyHabits

  • Reactjs app with ant.design components for frontend
  • Python/Django for backend (duh)
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Heroku for hosting the application, database and CI/CD
  • Webflow for the landing page (www.dailyhabits.xyz)

The heroku bill roughly comes up to $16/month. I will be writing a more detailed guide on building an application using Django + React and hosting it on Heroku in next week's newsletter.

What I wrote this week

In the spirit of launching DailyHabits and to share my experiences with how I managed to maintain a consistent exercise routine, this week I wrote about how exercise can be turned into a subconscious habit.

The idea is that if you manage to do something for 15 minutes everyday for a whole year, you will form an unbreakable habit even if you break consistency after the said year.

See you next Sunday ✌️